Blind man hits 3-pointer during half-time contest


Blind man hits 3-pointer during half-time contest

By Chase Snider. CREATED Feb 17, 2014

A man from southwest Missouri will be enjoying free McDonald's for the next year, but more amazing than the prize is the story of the winner.

Michael Quin, 54, was asked to participate in a half-time contest at College of the Ozarks, a small Christian school located near Branson, Mo. All Quin had to do was drain a shot from the 3-point line.

No problem, right? Did we mention he is also blind?

Last weekend Quin walked up to the line, dribbled a few times, and then hit the shot nothing but net. The crowd erupted in cheers as Michael threw his hands up in the air.

The school posted the video on its Facebook page. It quickly went viral on social media and eventually aired on ESPN's "Top Plays."