Apple announces new iPads, Macs, and software

Apple released the new iPad Air Image by Apple

Apple announces new iPads, Macs, and software

By Chase Snider. CREATED Oct 22, 2013

Apple is holding a special event this morning in San Francisco.

They announced several major updates including that the newest operating system will be free to all users.

Apple also previewed the new iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display.

Finally they updated the Macbook Pro lineup and the much anticipated Mac Pro.

Stay tuned to this page for updates from the event.

LIVE Updates

1:23 PM - 170 million iPads sold to date. 

Apple announces iPad Air. Comes with Retina display. Weighs less than one pound.

iPad mini also upgraded with Retina display.

12:50 PM - "Biggest iWork update EVER" - Full file compatibility across iOS and OS X. Entirely new user interface. 

iWork for iCloud now has collaboration. Lets multiple people edit the same document at the same time. (Feels very much like Google Docs)

"Others would charge you a small fortune just to use their app" (Shows Office logo and price point)

Apple makes iLife and iWork free with purchase of new iOS or Mac.

12:43 PM - Apple apps getting an update such as iPhone. More functionality coming to iPad. iMovie "cleaner, simpler for iOS 7". You will now be able to create picture in picture and control video speed from iOS devices.

GarageBand now has 16-tracks on mobile devices. The Mac version has new library options and a drummer to jam along with your creations. Updates all available today.

12:33 PM - New Mac Pro announced for professionals. Starts at $2999 and available in December.

12:27 PM - New Macbook Pro 13 inch under four pounds, less than one inch thick. Up to 9 hours of battery life. Pricing will start at $1,299. 

12:23 PM - Most important thing is getting Mavericks into the hands of as many people as possible. Plan to "revolutionize" pricing. Showing Windows 8 package for $199 and announce Mavericks will be FREE. Will work on all systems, no cost to any users, available today.

12:19 PM - New notifications in Mavericks from websites, such as MLB. Also can reply to some items, like iMessages straight from notifications. 

12:14 PM - Beginning demos of new OS X operating system Mavericks. Provides up to an hour extra surf time on new 13 inch Macbook Air.

12:00 PM - Event now starting. Apple pointing out that 64% of users now are on iOS 7. App developers have earned $13-billion to date.