Toddler nearly loses toes in escalator incident

Toddler nearly loses toes in escalator incident

By Jennifer Waddell. CREATED Aug 5, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - When Arkim Bryant and his family came to Tucson for their summer vacation, they never imagined they'd leave with this story to tell.

A trip to Tucson mall June 22nd was just like any other until Bryant's little girl Yazmeen was coming down an escalator with her grandfather, Burt Clark.

Clark, who was right beside Yazmeen as the bottom flashing strip of the escalator began to eat her little shoes.  It all happened quickly, but as Clark and Bryant put it, it was horrifying.

A woman nearby saw what was happening.  She hit the emergency stop button and Clark ripped Yazmeen out of her shoes, just in time.   He told me, "my daughter's legs, feet could've been severed or even worse."

The family says there was nothing out of the ordinary or anything to warn them it would happen.  The toes of Yazmeen's jelly shoes got stuck simultaneously and got pulled in.

Clark says the shoes have nothing to do with it,  "I don't think that's an issue.  I don't think the shoes they wear should be an issue. I think the escalator, the way they design it should be safer."

To make matters worse, both Bryant and Clark feel like mall management could care less about what happened.  Despite leaving voice mails with management, neither have received a call back.

I reached out to Tucson Mall who referred me to their PR company McFadden/Gavender.

Lisa Davary gave me this statement, "The safety and security of our shoppers, retailers and employees are always our top priority.  Our escalators are regularly inspected and currently pass standards.  We have signs at the entrances of the escalators that instruct the importance of safely riding the escalator."

Yazmeen is okay, but her dad says they'll try to take the stairs or elevator from now on.