Protesters say SB 1611 violates human rights

Protesters say SB 1611 violates human rights

CREATED Jun 30, 2011

Reporter: Sergio Avila
Web producer: Sheryl Kornman

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Demonstrators came out in downtown Tucson Friday to show their opposition to the state Senate's omnibus immigration bill, SB 1611.

Derechos Humanos and other immigrants rights groups took part in the rally.

Isabel Garcia, a public defender and civil rights activist, promised resistance to the measure if the Legislature approves it.

"We in Tucson will not be quiet. We will not comply. We will resist," she said.

The measure would require proof of legal immigration status to receive public services including education and housing, and the right to drive.

Supporters of the bill say it is a way to fight illegal immigration.

But opponents of the measure say it won't do that.

"People are dying in the desert every day," said Veronica Nitka.

Garcia said the bill "represents the very worst of us. We should all feel ashamed. I feel ashamed because I am part of you. As much as I can't stand (state Sen. Russell Pearce) and all of them we are all responsible."

The protesters handed out flyers urging teachers not to comply with the measure if it becomes law. School districts would be required to check a students' citizenship status before allowing them to attend public school.