Businessman accused of chemical attack will remain in jail

Businessman accused of chemical attack will remain in jail

CREATED May 20, 2011

Reporter: Sergio Avila

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Judge Hector Estrada told Todd Fries, owner of Burns Power Washing flat out he has no doubt the businessman was involved in the incidents in question. Shortly after Estrada ordered Fries be held in jail without bond until at least the end of his trial.

Fries is accused of detonating chemical explosives back in 2009 in front of the home of Karen and Myles Levine. Their home was also vandalized, feces and dead animals laid across their front and back yards.

Something similar happened to the Levines in 2008. The prosecution even believes Fries was even involved in a third incident that happened just two weeks ago. In that incident the victim's car had the fuel tank filled with glue and the windshield wipers glued to the windshield. There was also more dead animals and feces.

The Levine's have been living in fear since the first attack. KGUN9 News asked them how they feel knowing Fries will remain behind bars?

"I'm feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. I'm glad they detained him because that's just a little less fear that we have. I understand this is going to be a long involved dragged out thing so it's not over but I just feel a lot better like there's a lot of weight taken off of me," Levine said.

Estrada told Fries the defendant is the common thread in all the incidents the victims. The businessman had recently done work for them and the customers had been dissatisfied with that work.

Prosecutors also presented evidence Fries had explosive fireworks in his home that had copper pellets attached to them, making them deadly.

Fries' attorney Richard Bock argued unsuccessfully those fireworks were being used to kill gophers in Fries' yard. Although it was a loss today bock isn't done fighting for his client's freedom.

"He has the ability to appeal to the district court judge and we will be working on that," Bock said.

In the end the judge told Fries he's not only a danger to the Levines but also a danger to the new victim as well as the community. Myles Levine couldn't agree more, saying his life has been changed forever.

"Basically we cut ourselves off from anybody we knew. I haven't had contact with any of my friends, some almost two years now. So we basically have no friends because we don't know who to talk to and who not to talk to," Levine said.

Prosecutors pinned Fries to the scene not only because he had recently worked for the victims but they found his fingerprints at the first two incidents. The judge pointed that out in his ruling as well. A trial date has been set for June 28th in this case.