Guerena family attorney responds to SWAT lawyer

Guerena family attorney responds to SWAT lawyer

CREATED May 20, 2011

Reporter: Craig Smith
Web Producer: Layla Tang

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Guerena family attorney Christopher Scileppi said he's working with a dead Marine's honor, and a family's grief.  He wants to see proof to back up attorney Mike Storie's account of the SWAT raid that left Jose Guerena dead.

Storie held a news conference Thursday and released several new details about the May 5 raid at the Guerena house that have been kept private until now.  He detailed why SWAT was serving a search warrant and what they found, and gave a reason for why paramedics waiting at the scene were not allowed inside the house to treat Guerena after he was shot.  Storie told KGUN9 that a SWAT robot was sent into the home to examine the threat level, and by then, it was too late for Guerena.  Scileppi has continued to argue that Guerena thought he was defending his home from an invasion when SWAT broke down his door.

"The SWAT team has lawyered up and all Mr. Storie, their lawyer, did today was attempt to discredit a Marine who served two tours abroad and put out statements unsupported by facts," Scileppi told KGUN9 News.  Now he's calling for Storie and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik to release the reports and documents about the raid.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked Scileppi about Mike Storie's assertion that SWAT found in Guerena's home several assault weapons, body armor, and parts of police-style uniforms consistent with the theory the house was associated with home invaders who might pose as a SWAT team.

"From what I understand Mr Storie said nothing that was found in that home was illegal for any purpose, whether it be the vest, whether it be the weapons. That's my understanding,"  Scileppi said.  "So they're attempting to put together a bunch of different to discredit and defame Mr. Guerena."

The SWAT team attorney said Scileppi is saying irresponsible, inflammatory things that seem designed to prop up a money-making civil suit.

"If the facts don't cut your way, attack the messenger," Scileppi responded.  "That's all they're doing right now."

Scileppi disputed Storie's account that Guerena ducked or fell into a room where SWAT couldn't see him and be sure he was no longer a threat, and that's why they didn't order medical care for him.  Scileppi says blood stains in the house make it look like Guerena went down in the hall where SWAT could see him easily.