Sahuaro principal files for restraining order against assault victim

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Sahuaro principal files for restraining order against assault victim

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Dr. Christopher Bonn says he simply acted as a protective father. He claims the injuries he inflicted on the 16-year-old were all self defense. And Wednesday, Bonn filed for a restraining order barring the victim from seeing his step-daughter.

There are striking new details in the police report about what happened down Garden Stone Drive. Christopher Bonn, the principal at Sahuaro High School was upset, worried his 17-year-old daughter "snuck out". She didn't return until 4 a.m. with Roman Morales Jr.

9OYS viewers have voiced support for the principal in this case writing, "there's no problem with a father looking out for his daughter." But the teen's attorney Jesse Smith disagrees.

"Of course it's understandable if he's upset, but he has no reason to beat up the young man," said Smith.

Four to five punches later, Morales Jr. looked bloodied up. There was blood all over his face and his car. Bonn claims he had a reason to fight. The principal says he opened the door and saw the teen reach for the center console. He believes to grab a gun. He told police Morales Jr. had "brandished a firearm" in front of him last June describing the teen as a "known drug user."

"There's absolutely no evidence of that," said Smith. "He has no criminal record. He's never been suspended from school."

Bonn's daughter contradicts her stepfather's statement to police telling officers he opened the door and "just punched him," no mention of a gun. Then there are the photos says Smith. He believes it's all the evidence you need to back up the teen's claims that the principal punched him out of nowhere, even pushed his head into the steering wheel.

Bonn is still suspended from his duties as principal. If Bonn is found guilty, he could face anywhere from 6 months in jail to 3 years probation. 9OYS did offer Bonn and his attorney a chance to speak on camera with us, but they declined, instead referring us to their statement. It is posted along with this story for you to read in its entirety.