Police reports describe horrific scene after deadly Slatin stabbing

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Police reports describe horrific scene after deadly Slatin stabbing

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -The more 9OYS learns about this case, the more heartbreaking it gets. New police reports offer insight into what happened inside the home.

When Tucson Police arrive that evening they notice a woman's purse out front. Then they spot Marcella Slatin "on the floor" "In front of the door" "covered in blood."

Her husband Art was "kneeling next to her" holding a "white wash cloth over her neck." Tucson Police pushed Art out of the way and began applying "direct pressure on her neck." But officers say the blood kept "gushing from her neck and chest."

Marcella briefly "regained consciousness." An officer asks her "who cut you?" She did reply, but her answer though was redacted in this report by police. Another officer notes that Marcella mentioned "one of her children needed to be picked up."

As paramedics rush her to the hospital, three of the couples children are in a "silver van in the carport." Detectives don't have to ask before one of the children tells police her "parents had been arguing earlier in the day." The child says they "started to argue again" when they got home from Chuck E Cheese.

As far as wounds go reports indicate one stab wound to the neck, another to the clavicle and two in the upper left chest. Slatin has admitted to two of the stab wounds in the neck, but "cannot recall" the others.

Marcella Slatin did make it to the hospital, but died during emergency surgery. 9OYS learned TPD wrapped up its investigation and presented the case to the County Attorney on Friday. It will be up to their office to file formal charges.

Slatin remains in the Pima County Jail, held on $50,000 bond.