Not once but twice: Local charter school can't find first grade student

Not once but twice: Local charter school can't find first grade student

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Aug 21, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A local school reports a child missing. A nightmare type of situation for any parent, but it turns out the child was exactly where she was supposed to be.

Now another parent told 9OYS the school has sparked panic in a parent before -- not only once -- but twice -- and that's inexcusable.

Jonica Kleving is angry and is pulling her 7-year-old son, Sam, out of Legacy Traditional School. "His safety is my concern and I need to know where my child is everyday," said Kleving.

She was shocked to learn that the school reported Paisley Fernandez missing on Tuesday, launching a massive search, but she had been in her math class all along taking a test. Paisley's father told KGUN9 that he feared the worst. "It made me very angry at the school for this," said Fernandez.

Jonica told KGUN9 that she scanned the school's Facebook page to find out if other parents had been concerned since, she said, it isn't the first time school staff thought they lost a student.

Jonica picks up her son from school some days or he takes a preschool bus to an after-school day care center.

Jonica said, "Legacy thought they put Sam on the wrong bus."  Only after the day care center called the school wanting to know why he wasn't on the bus.

Thinking Sam was lost, Jonica said, she got a call from the day care. "And that's when she contacted us and we had him the entire time," she said.

And last week while waiting about an hour to pick up her son after school," Nobody came back to tell me that he had been released from the classroom, which he had, he had been put on his preschool bus," she said.

Jonica said -- it's enough -- she's reached her tolerance limit.

"We entrust them with our kids safety and their whereabouts while they are there and I think it's their responsibility to know where they are supposed to go," she said.

Jonica knows this -- her son will not be going to Legacy this year.

Jonica said she's talked to the school staff about the incidents, but they dismissed her concerns.

KGUN9 contacted the school and was told the Charter school superintendent would talk to us about this. KGUN9 left repeated messages, but have yet to hear from him.