Let's hear it for the girls! Sunnyside Little League Team wins World Series

Let's hear it for the girls! Sunnyside Little League Team wins World Series

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Aug 14, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 14, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Let's hear it for the girls!

The Sunnyside Little League Softball team won the world series championship Wednesday night by defeating a team from Virgina, 9-0, in Portland, Oregon.

Pitcher Jazmine Ayala threw a complete game shutout.

"I wanted to cry. I can't believe I'm seeing them on TV," said Crystal Quijada. She watched in awe  each time her daughter, 13 year old Danitza Aguirre, stepped up to the plate.

"When she hit the ball, that's all I saw. Honestly when I see her go up. I get so nervous I can't even. It's just amazing to me," she said.

Ruben Orantez could have been any prouder of his neice, Viviana Orantez, at this moment. "She hit a triple and a error and she did get home. So it was an inside the park homerun," he said.

The cameras caught the proud player running to the dugout and the cheering sunnyside fans in the stands. "I wish I was there. I had that emotion. I should have been there," he said.
Coach Kristen Romero feels the same -- disappointed she couldn't make it to the semi-final game because she had to work. "It was exciting the whole time. It was blow out 10-0 and you're in semi-finals and it should have been a closer game."

She said it's the girls pure love of the game and their close friendships on and off the field that helped give them the edge. "They were pumped knowing they were going to be on ESPN and they wanted to prove themselves -- to everybody."

And that --- they did.

The team returns home on Thursday. Family and friends are encouraging fans to cheer them on as they arrive at Tucson International Airport at 2:30pm.