Dangerous Goldfish Snack Trend

goldfish treadmill Image by youtube/NY Daily News

Dangerous Goldfish Snack Trend

CREATED Sep 13, 2013

 You've been eating Goldfish wrong for all these years. Just like the sacred twist and lick of Oreos, Goldfish, too have their own ritual of consumption. Only, it might just be a little hazardous to your health. So don't try this one at home!

It all started with a Vine video- seven seconds of an amazingly questionable life decision. In the recording, you can see a teen place the crackers on a treadmill and then turn the machine on, chowing down on each little fishie as it rolls on down the line. It started an internet sensation, and now there are videos and vines of other kids trying their own hand (and mouth) at it.

See the video here.