Drugged, beaten and raped: Search warrants detail alleged crimes

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Drugged, beaten and raped: Search warrants detail alleged crimes

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Oct 22, 2013

SOUTH TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - What police say happened inside room 105 is downright disturbing.

"It's a big shocking news definitely," said J. Amin, the motel property owner.

Canez stayed in the room for weeks and no one noticed anything.

"If he's guilty then definitely he needs to get punished," said Amin. "This is not tolerable."

Search warrants detail the girls' sordid ordeal. They showed up at the motel to purchase weed from Canez.

"The suspect forced them into the room and detained them at gunpoint," said South Tucson Police Department Lt. Jeff Inorio.

For more than six days, Canez raped the women. He allegedly forced both girls "while naked" "to perform oral sex" on him. He "taped it on his phone" and allowed other drug buyers to watch as well. Police also say Canez injected them with heroin.

"The girls were visibly shaken, bruised and beaten," said Inorio.

Police found evidence of abuse inside the room including guns, knives, tasers and "bent curtain rods" used to beat the women.The victims say they didn't eat for days. Amin says he saw them. They looked fine, he says and never asked for help.

"They had the opportunity to run away from the room," said Amin. "The guy left them alone so many times."

But police say their one chance came last week. And when it came, they took it.

"The suspect went into the bathroom, closed the door and that was the first chance girls had to escape and they ran from the motel," Inorio said.

Shortly after that call, South Tucson police arrested Canez. In that motel room, they found mountains of evidence, a lot of it too graphic to describe on TV. He's facing 11 felonies and remains in the Pima County Jail on $500,000 bond.