'I was scared we'd crash': TUSD student describes crazy school bus ride

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'I was scared we'd crash': TUSD student describes crazy school bus ride

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Sep 12, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's a decision thousands of parents make every day, whether they let their child hop on board a school bus.

But on TUSD's route 27 last Tuesday, a substitute driver filled in on the drive from Booth-Fickett Magnet to Dodge Middle School, and students say the ride turned rough.

"He started speeding up faster and faster," said student Alex Davidson.

"Kids were yelling 'please slow down'," said mother Kwaunita Hudson. "But he would still keep on going."

"Everyone was yelling loud enough for him to hear," said student Nathaniel Hudson.

But he wouldn't listen say students, speeding over speed bumps.

"I was actually pretty scared we might crash," said student Mileny Allan.

"The kids just jolted out of their seats," said mother Oddessy Hudson.

"He hit the gas and they flew forward," said Allan.

Then he slammed the brakes say students, before he told them to "get out."

"I hit my head on the back window," said Alex.

That crazy, bumpy school ride ended at Dodge. When students got off, at least two said they were more than shaken, they said they were hurt.

"He was holding his head, and he was real red," said Oddessy.

Parents too two of the boys to urgent care, and they showed us the documents to back it up. Doctors diagnosed them with muscle spasms, and even wrote a note saying they should stay home from school for at least two days.

"If I don't drive like that, nobody should drive like that, especially with my kids or anyone's kids.

And now students don't feel comfortable getting back on the bus. And their parents want to hear from the district before they even think about letting their kids hop back on.

"That should have never happened," said Kwaunita.

This evening a TUSD spokeswoman says the Transportation Director reviewed the video from inside the bus. She says the video shows the bus went over a speed bump, but there were no signs of erratic driving or students tossed from their seats.

So 9OYS asked to see the tape. TUSD said no. 9OYS asked if parents could see the tape. TUSD says it's only for district personnel to view.

9OYS spoke to a local attorney who says that while there are some exceptions, public school districts are typically bound by the Freedom of Information Act. 9OYS has put in a formal request to see that video ourselves. When 9OYS gets it, we will show it to you.