'This situation is totally absurd;' gym-goer outraged after string of car break-ins

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'This situation is totally absurd;' gym-goer outraged after string of car break-ins

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Feb 3, 2014

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) -Oro Valley resident Debbie Cometta knew something was wrong right away.

"When I came out to my car, I noticed there were some black items on the front seat and I wasn't sure what it was and when I looked at it closer, it looked like it was windshield. When I looked at the back of my car, the windshield had been broken into," Cometta told 9OYS.

The break-in happened in broad daylight and Cometta was not the only target. Oro Valley Police say thieves also broke into the car next to Cometta's. In fact, police say, since October there have been 10 break-ins at the LA Fitness location on Oracle.

"I would say that it's a concern of ours because we did have a rash of them in a couple of weeks," OVP Lt. Kara Riley said.

What's more; police say they had previously recommended the facility invest  in surveillance cameras or some type of preventative measure to curb crime.

"I was very surprised finding out that there were six other thefts before my car was broken into," Cometta said.

"I called [9OYS] because I think the way LA fitness management is handling this situation is totally absurd," Cometta continued.

Nine On Your Side contacted LA Fitness. In an email to 9OYS, a spokesperson writes, "We typically do not provide statements for such stories but if [our VP of operations] decides to respond, she will send her answers to you."

The email was received on Friday. Nine On Your Side has not heard back.

"I'm hoping that they take some action [and] that they help the police department stop this before it escalates to something where somebody is really, really hurt," Cometta added.

After 9OYS first contacted LA Fitness, the gym chain immediately contacted OVP, police say. Police plan to meet with LA Fitness representatives this week to discuss prevention plans.

Cometta says she has since canceled her LA Fitness membership.