Wild ride or overreaction? Parents watch just released TUSD bus video

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Video by kgun9.com

Wild ride or overreaction? Parents watch just released TUSD bus video

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Sep 27, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN-TV) - 9OYS obtained the TUSD bus video two Tucson parents had been waiting to see. The controversy stems from a September 10the bus ride that students say was wild, bumpy and sent them to urgent care.

"I'm still shaking," said Kwaunita Hudson, Alex's mother, after watching the video. "I'm probably shaking more than they were. I'm infuriated."

The students made several claims. Claim number one: The driver was speeding. At one point going "faster and faster." In the bus video, the bus never passes 43 miles per hour. TUSD says that's proof of no erratic driving.

"As far as TUSD seeing it differently, you know, we see what we see," said Oddessy Hudson, Nathaniel's mom.

Claim number two: The kids were yelling please slow down. The students claim the substitute driver was lost. In the video, you can see the driver looking down at directions. And you can hear the shouting in the bus. One of the students is clearly seen saying "you're going the wrong way."

Claim number three: Alex Hudson says he hit his head on the back window. If you look closely in the video, he's bounced up into the back window. The speed at the time: just 16 miles per hour.

A few minutes later the bus goes over one speed bump at a speed of 22 miles per hour, but the kids do bounce out of their seats.

"We saw it," said Nathaniel Hudson. "We were there. Me and him got hurt. We're not lying.

The final claim: That a stop and start caused kids to go flying right before unloading. The question now: was that enough to land a boy in urgent care for muscle spasms? The district says no. The family not backing down.

"I saw it all in the video," said Oddessy. It's clear. It's done."

Again, the district stands by its driver and his performance that day. 9OYS wants to know what you think. The entire bus video can be found uploaded with this story.