Who is the "Terminator of Tucson"?

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Who is the "Terminator of Tucson"?

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Mar 31, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - He's the man of the minute in Tucson, but some say he's already a legend. 

Alex Davidson is peppered with pepper balls as he walks toward the police line Saturday night after the Wildcats loss. 

The nickname, "The Terminator of Tucson," quickly catches on over the Internet and on the UA campus. 

He's featured all over the Internet, from the networks to Deadspin to the smallest of blogs. 

He even trended on Twitter, #freedavidson, when he was locked up in jail, charged with unlawful assembly and resisting arrest. 

His friend posted a picture of him on Twitter after Davidson was released, showing the serious bruising to his stomach. It reads, "The invincible man has been freed."

Students around campus say Davidson is "the man" and "a legend," a reputation he got well before this video. 

Frog & Firkin on University Boulevard is Davidson's proclaimed "go-to" spot from when he was in college. 

People there say when he's in town, he's there nearly every day. But following Saturday's arrest, he's lying low.

Davidson is a man who got arrested for parking a Mercedes on a sidewalk. 

He's featured in an article of College Times titled, "The Privileged Few: Alex Davidson."

There's a lot more to the man who captured the country's attention, but for now friends say he's tight lipped and staying out of the spotlight, under order from his lawyers. 

Davidson is due back in court later in April. He pleaded not guilty.