Wedding crashers apologize to bride

Wedding crashers apologize to bride

By Corinne Hautala. CREATED May 1, 2014

A Pennsylvania couple is getting an apology from two uninvited guests at their wedding, after the bride plastered photos of the wedding crashers on Facebook.

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly kicked the wedding crashers out of their reception, but didn’t realize they would later show up in wedding photos and a video. 

The newlyweds decided to make the images public to track down the couple.

"I had first noticed that they were sitting at a table with my cousins, and I had done my own seating arrangement so I knew who was supposed to be seated where," Lamlin told ABC News. "So I asked around just to make sure they weren't a family member that I hadn't met."

They weren't.

"It was pretty comical at first," she said. "We were OK with it until we saw the wedding pictures and video later and realized that they were all over the media."

In addition to the frustration of having so many unwanted images of strangers, the now married couple also wanted to know why the intruders had been there at all.

The crashers soon responded and issued an apology to the couple, after photos popped up of themselves on social media.  The crashers said that they had also been staying at the resort where the reception was held and simply saw a good party that they wanted to join.