'We got the double-whammy:' Corona de Tucson restaurant cleans up from monsoon mess

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'We got the double-whammy:' Corona de Tucson restaurant cleans up from monsoon mess

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Jul 8, 2014

CORONA DE TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Normally parents tell children to stay out of the mud.

But at Argenziano's Italian Restaurant, it was all hands on deck as family and friends cleaned up the mess from almost three inches of rain in just an hour on Monday.

"Flooded the whole back of the restaurant with mud," owner Ray Argenziano said. 
"Everything that came out of here ended up on my property," he added, pointing to a sidewalk completely washed away during the storm.
In Argenziano's kitchen, there was still some dirt under the pizza dough mixer. 
"Thank God, we have cement floors, not carpet," Argenziano said. 
While back open in time for the start of business at 11 a.m., a section of seating remains blocked off from storm damage on Saturday.
"We were hit with a microburst, took part of my roof off, broke the water line," Argenziano said, "so we got the double-whammy."
In a nearby neighborhood, homeowners returned Monday evening to find the wind gusts picked up their son's trampoline and toppled it over his playset. In the front yard, they are lucky cracked tree limbs didn't crash into their house.  
Down the block, Randall Bernard spent the morning raking gravel of his sidewalk. 
"There had to be a whole lot of water came down through there to wash all that gravel out to the road," he said, describing Monday's storm as the worst he's ever seen during a monsoon. 
With another round of rain in the forecast, Argenziano can just hope Mother Nature won't pack as powerful a punch.  
"You don't want a month's rain in 45 minutes," he said. "And that's about what it equaled. We got 2.85 inches out here yesterday and they're saying today is supposed to be worse."

Luckily for Argenziano and Corona de Tucson, they got a break from monsoon Tuesday as of dinnertime.