Vandals target Boy Scout camp, dump trash

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Vandals target Boy Scout camp, dump trash

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Dec 12, 2013

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) - Double V Scout Recreation has served as a boy scout's campground in Tucson for decades. Backing up to a retirement community, neighbors Ben Cloetems and his wife regularly walk along the camp's outskirts.

"It was clear that it has just happened. We come here just about every other day," Cloetems told 9OYS, pointing to a large section of missing fencing.

Back in October, camp directors say someone cut at least 100 feet of the camp's wired fence. The fencing surrounds the grounds. Boy Scout organizers do not have the funds to fix it.

"You wonder what kind of person can do this? This is not some kind of mystery area. Everyone knows this is a Boy Scout camp. You can see their obstacle course from where they cut these. I don't know what kind of people do that," Cloetems continued.

It's not the first time. Catalina Council, the regional leadership for the Boy Scout's, says someone stole at least 1000 feet of fencing two years ago from an area north of the camp.

Adding insult to injury, the area has also become a dumping grounds for trash, yard clippings -- you name it.

"It's very discouraging. We just did a big clean up day out here. We work all the time trying to get the place cleaned up and then we just have people dumping stuff all the time. It's just real discouraging for everybody," Council Ranger, Bubba Walker said.

"It takes time out of our day, time away from our program [and] for the boy scouts," he added.