U-of-A Cancer Center leads way on robotic surgery

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U-of-A Cancer Center leads way on robotic surgery

By Greg Gurule. CREATED Nov 20, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The University of Arizona's Southwestern Lung Cancer Program is leading the nation in robotic lung cancer research and surgery.  Administrators just returned from an international conference where they explained new developments in robotic techniques.

Arizona has a special interest in beating lung cancer because of the state's aging population, dust levels and higher smoking rates in the Southwest.  Nationally, 236,000 new cases of lung cancer were diagnosed last year. That 's a higher level than just four years ago when 189,000 cases were detected.  Doctors blame increased smoking levels for some of the rise in cancer cases.

Pioneering work at the University of Arizona Cancer Center is helping patients recover more quickly with less trauma.  The Center takes a rounded approach to treating cancer patients from early detection with low dose C-T scans to video assisted "robot" surgery.  Doctors say it's safer than traditional surgery because it's less intrusive but just as effective for the patient. 

Robotic Surgeons say the procedure involves making three one inch holes in the patient's chest instead of cutting through muscle and bone to reach diseased lung tissue.  Researchers say recovery time for the patient is reduced from months to only weeks.

You can get more information by calling the University of Arizona Cancer Center at 520-626-6668.. or by visiting UAHealth.com.