Tucson says pothole repairs happening faster

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Tucson says pothole repairs happening faster

By Craig Smith. CREATED Feb 7, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Here's some encouraging news for anyone who's just pounded their way through Tucson's potholes.
The city of Tucson says it's made some drastic cuts to the time it takes to repair a pothole after you call to complain.
The sound of a pothole crew working away is some beautiful music for drivers sick of the beating potholes give them and their cars.

Rose Augustine says "I come here and I have to be going around, trying not to hit the potholes and they're bad."

Friday a city crew was cleaning, filling and packing down former potholes in a Southside neighborhood, in part because it's near where the Rodeo will be soon.

But crews are also filling requests to fill potholes much sooner.
Last year the city reported an average of about six weeks from complaint to repair.  The Transportation Department's number is 520-791-3154.
Now City Transportation Director Daryl Cole says the average is more like two weeks but repairs can be the next day if they happen to be near another repair.
Other Arizona cities say they routinely fix potholes within a day or two.  Daryl Cole says Tucson can achieve maybe two or three day repairs on major roads as a program for repairing big streets takes hold soon. 
He says neighborhood repairs will still be slower because safety
is less of an issue on slower streets.

"Residential is important to us, obviously and if there's holes out there we want to repair them, but if I have to pick between safety and not, my arterial system is where the priority is."

Cole says as the city gets to do major re-dos on major streets they'll need less maintenance for awhile and allow more attention to the residential zones.

Craig Smith

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