Caught on cam: TPD investigates force used by one of their own in this viral video

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Caught on cam: TPD investigates force used by one of their own in this viral video

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Mar 30, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Cell phone video gone viral of a Tucson Police officer knocking a woman clear off her feet is turning the spotlight on officers' use of force in Saturday night's events on University Boulevard following the Wildcats overtime loss. 

In the video (play the video above) you can see a woman getting shoved into a bench by a police officer. 

The Tucson Police Department is aware of the video and has handed it over to internal affairs to investigate. Police say they have also reached out to the woman in that video. 

In the aftermath, police say they are carefully reviewing any video sent in to the department and also video from "body cameras" the officers wore throughout the night. 

But while police are now under attack for this video, it all started when police say unruly students attacked them on University following the game. 

Fans chucked beer cans and firecrackers toward officers, the police cruiser and the crowd. Rowdy fans moved in on police until police said enough was enough. 

They declared the situation an "unlawful assembly" and ordered everyone to leave. But the fans did not back down. 

Police fired 200 rounds of pepper spray into the crowd and nine pepper canisters that filled the air with pepper spray. Some hacked, got sick and left. 

But others were taken away by brute force, including Alexander Davidson, seen walking toward the police line as he is pelted with pepper balls, then taken down by several officers and hauled off to jail. He is charged with unlawful assembly and resisting arrest. 

In all, police arrested 15 people, including 9 University of Arizona students. Those students will face not only Tucson Police charges, but also answer to University police and the dean of students. 

Police say no major injuries or property damage has been reported.