"When you look now, all you see is smoke." Tucson woman shares her experience on border of Israel and Gaza

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"When you look now, all you see is smoke." Tucson woman shares her experience on border of Israel and Gaza

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Jul 27, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Several people in Tucson have a close connection to the area under fire; have stood at the border of two fighting regions; have experienced the missiles soaring over. 

Rebecca Crow was staying right on the border in Israel, where she could clearly see Gaza. 

She likens the town to Tucson -- a town with beautiful stucco homes. 

But unlike Tucson, these stucco homes have fortified rooms, the towns have bomb shelters and the sirens go off now everyday. 

The sight of Gaza is right across the barbed-wire fence. 

"You get a sense of how close these countries are and there's really got to be a way to figure this out," Crow said. 

But peace and clear skies are no longer on the horizon. 

"When you look now, all you see is smoke."

The Gaza Strip is crumbling. The Israeli government and Hamas continue launching rockets at each other, while civilians -- especially in Gaza -- are caught in the crossfire. 

"I can't imagine that they want war any more than the Israelis want it," Crow said. "I mean, I'm a grandmother and a mother and to see children being killed on either side is horrific."

In Tucson, Alexander Peterson stands on a streetcorner, spreading the message of peace for Palestinians. 

In Israel, a mural on the border sends the same message. 

"It's this huge wall that says 'shalom' in tiles and literally from there you see Gaza but it says shalom and it's beautiful," Crow shared. 

Most of the tiles are in the shape of hamsas, but now four tiles stick out. The artist let Crow paste tiles from Tucson to the wall. 

"So there's this piece of Tucson right on the Gaza border hoping for peace," Crow said. 

Tucson's close connection to the region comes from the group, Partnership2Gether -- connecting Tucson families with families in the border region of Israel.