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Tucson cop arrested, fired for pulling gun on gas station clerk

Deputies say 23 year-old Kyle McCartin pulled his gun on the clerk twice.

Tucson cop arrested, fired for pulling gun on gas station clerk

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Jul 16, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They are trained to serve and protect, and yet another Tucson cop is in cuffs.

This time he is accused of pulling a gun on a gas station clerk, and it's all caught on camera.     
Kyle McCartin, a Tucson cop charged with two counts of aggravated assault, was released to pretrial services Tuesday night.
The judge ordered him not to drink alcohol and not to return to the scene of the crime.
And McCartin isn't the first TPD officer in recent history to end up on the wrong side of the law.
He is accused with the kind of reckless crime we trust him to stop.
"Oh my gosh!" said one woman, when 9OYS showed her the video.
"Wow!" said another.
The shocking images, obtained by 9OYS, show a man in a black bulletproof vest. 
"What, what's he doing?" asked one man, as he watched.
He is all smiles, pointing his gun, not once but twice, at an innocent clerk.
"He's showing off his gun?" he asked.
That man, deputies say, is 23 year-old Kyle McCartin, an officer with the Tucson Police Department.
9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa asked, "Is it scarier seeing a police officer do that?"
"Oh, terrible," said the man.  "They're an example."
"That's shocking," said another woman.
It all happened early Tuesday morning at an eastside Giant gas station.
McCartin was off duty.
The clerk told deputies he appeared intoxicated.
Authorities say it sends the wrong message.
"We would hope that the action of one police officer that made a bad decision that night doesn't affect how people think about the hard working deputies and officers that are out there," said Deputy Jesus Banuelos.
But what if McCartin isn't the only 'bad decision maker' in TPD?
Remember Martin Ward, a fellow Tucson cop arrested earlier this year on child pornography charges.
His ex girlfriend later claimed Ward had been abusive.
She spoke exclusively to 9OYS.
"It was getting to a a point where either he was going to kill himself or kill me," she said.
Now, Tucson faces, potentially, a new threat in blue.
Residents say it's unsettling.
"You come here at night and get gas with your kids or you know on the way home from work or being out and to see that is not a safe feeling," said one woman.
Deputies say the man seen with McCartin in the video is not a Tucson police officer.  They say he tried to convince McCartin to put his gun away.
Tucson police tell 9OYS McCartin is no longer employed with the department.
The Tucson Police Officers Association also addressed the incident on their Facebook page.  They called this 'a dark day,' adding '...behind the badge, and beyond the uniform, is a human being.'
9OYS spoke with members of the McCartin family.  They were understandably upset and declined to comment.