Tucson company builds key weapon in Syria showdown

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Tucson company builds key weapon in Syria showdown

By Craig Smith. CREATED Aug 30, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - If the U.S. does attack Syria, one of your neighbors could have made the missiles making the strikes.

Raytheon's plant in Tucson builds the Tomahawk cruise missile.

There are at least five U.S. Navy Destroyers near Syria, able to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Each Destroyer typically carries almost 60 Tomahawks.
The Tomahawk is a potent symbol of modern war, a weapon packed with technology, fired well away from the danger zone, able to deliver tons of explosive so accurately it's often said you can pick a window and it will fly through it.

The newest version, called the Block Four, can get to an area, fly in circles, send back pictures of what it sees, and allow its operators to choose new targets as they appear.

Two thousand Tomahawks have been launched on combat missions.  In two recent contracts, the Defense Department agreed to pay Raytheon close to 600 million dollars to keep Tomahawks in good supply and ready to launch.
Raytheon's Tucson plant also builds the Navy's Standard Anti-aircraft missile.  Some versions of that missile can knock out incoming missiles.
In addition, Raytheon also builds a wide range of other missiles and electronics for the U.S. Military and friendly forces around the world.


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