Tucson Police release dash cam video following SB 1070 protest

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Video by kgun9.com

Tucson Police release dash cam video following SB 1070 protest

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Aug 7, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After about 60 protesters rallied Wednesday against the arrest of undocumented Mexican immigrant Geraldo Ruiz-Lopez, Tucson Police released to Nine on Your Side the dash cam video of the traffic stop that prompted his detention by Customs and Border Protection.

According to newly released SB 1070 data, Ruiz-Lopez is one of 17 TPD arrestees CBP have taken into custody since June 12. Police have checked the immigration status of 2,791people they've arrested and released. CBP responded only 38 times (1.4%).  

The protest group organized by the Protection Coalition Network called this another instance of racial profiling, but the video from TPD shows Ruiz-Lopez breaking the rules of the road. 

On August 1, a patrol officer spotted a Ford truck towing a trailer failing to yield at the red light before turning right onto Ajo Way from the South I-19 exit ramp.
The officer pulled over Ruiz-Lopez and he was unable to provide proper identification or a driver's license.  
As is required by state law for all persons police arrest and release, TPD checked his immigration status with CBP. Next, a CBP agent responded in an unmarked car to question Lopez. 
At a nearby TPD substation, police transferred custody of Ruiz-Lopez to CBP. 
Police say because the CBP agent wasn't in a marked unit, police escorted him to the CBP headquarters on Golf Links. 
Last November Tucson Police Chief Robert Villasenor sent a letter to the head of the Tucson Border Patrol sector advising him that sending unmarked cars was bad for community relations. Ultimately, that protocol is up to CBP.