Truck rolls over, kills woman in freak accident

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Truck rolls over, kills woman in freak accident

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Nov 19, 2013

ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (KGUN-TV) - A freak truck accident killed a woman outside of an Oro Valley Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Monday night near Oracle and Magee.

A truck rolled over 31-year-old Nichole McAlister with no one in the driver's seat. 

"It is hard to say what would have prevented this," Oro Valley Police Lt. Kara Riley said. 

McAlister was helping repair a friend's truck around 8 p.m. The truck was running when she inadvertently shifted into reverse, Riley said.

With nobody behind the wheel, the 1985 Chevy truck knocked her to the ground and ran her over. 

"And the vehicle continued in a reverse manner in a circular fashion and unfortunately backed up over her multiple times killing her," Riley said describing witness accounts. 

BrakeMAX service manager John Amstutz said precautions you can take when making repairs include making sure the car is in park and the parking break is on. When you're ready to test the car, he said make sure someone in is the driver seat with a foot on the brake.  

"The shifter for the transmission, if it gets pulled down at that time when its running, what generally will happen is the wheel will start to turn and if you're outside, you can't get in there to turn it off because its pushing you," Amstutz said.

McAlister's friend eventually got control of the truck, but it was too late.      

"Has Oro Valley ever seen a freak accident like this?" 9 On Your Sid asked Riley. 

"No, this is a first for me in 23 years of law enforcement," Riley said. "We're devastated for the family and the loss that happened."

Police will run all of their findings by the county attorney's office, but Riley said all of the evidence suggests that nobody is at fault.