The waiting game

The waiting game

By Corinne Hautala. CREATED Dec 23, 2013

A week out from my due date and the anticipation is building.  I know he’ll come when he wants to come, but I sure wish I knew when that was.  

There hasn’t been one person who thinks I’ll make it to my due date, Jan. 2. Some days I think I’ll make it, other days I’m with everyone else.  

I am working this week and there has been a lot of joking in the morning on what we’ll do if my water breaks during the newscast. It would certainly make for a good story to tell my son when he’s older, but for the sake of our nice set let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

While I’m not overdue I found some suggestions on what to do if it comes to that or just ways to pass the time even now.

  • Read another pregnancy book
  • Get a manicure or pedicure
  • Write a birth plan
  • Get a pregnancy massage
  • Watch reruns on television
  • Wash all your baby clothes
  • Pack your hospital bag