The town "too tough to die" struggles to stay alive

The town "too tough to die" struggles to stay alive

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Aug 15, 2013

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Summertime is typically slower for tourism in Tombstone, but never this slow, according to residents.

Susan Sinsley and her husband own the Stampede RV Park in Tombstone. She says ever since the Allen Street walkdowns stopped, business has hit a standstill.

"This is absolutely the worst year that we have ever seen here," Sinsely said.

"[We're down] 65 percent at least," she continued.

Six months ago, Tombstone City Council ended the walkdowns following merchant concerns. According to meeting transcripts, several store owners argued shoppers would abruptly leave their stores during the afternoon show.

"The walk down hurt a lot of people by taking it away from us," Sinsley added.

The tourists that do come through Tombstone notice the change too.

"There's just not as many people. I was surprised," tourist Terry Manning told 9OYS.

Iconic Tombstone attractions like the Bird Cage Theater, say they have been just find but they are worried about the potential tourism drop that could come with issues at Bisbee's Queen Mine.

Last week, the mining company that owns the property said they would terminate their operational lease, citing safety problems. They recent agreed to work with Bisbee city officials on a new lease agreement. Still, their future is uncertain.

"I believe that it will effect us to a certain degree. Absolutely, because it's a big loop," Bird Cage employee Leslie Gaskill said.

Made immortal through movies, business owners say "the town too tough to die" is now struggling to stay alive.