'The shooter came up to him'; Firsthand accounts detail chaos of LAX shooting

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'The shooter came up to him'; Firsthand accounts detail chaos of LAX shooting

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Nov 1, 2013

LOS ANGELES (KGUN9-TV) - Authorities are still working to piece together the details of Friday's shooting.

Needless to say, firsthand accounts are breath-taking.
9OYS tracked down several eye-witnesses, including loved ones of the 9OYS staff, and got the story straight from terminal three.
What ended in terror began, for Rick Read, as a typical trip through airport security.
"I had just picked my wallet out of the basket.  All of a sudden there were three loud shots behind me."
The bullets kept flying, as Read hit the ground, alongside a TSA agent.
"He said 'Let's get the hell out of here,'" he said.  "We ran down the corridor.  Somebody opened up a security door.  We all flew in there."
They barricaded themselves inside, all the while hearing shot after shot, one right outside the room.
Later, a fellow passenger described an even closer enounter.
"He went a different direction and tried to hide against a wall, and the shooter came up to him and asked him 'are you TSA?'  He shook his head no, and he kept going," said Read.
Soon, the frenzy moved further into the terminal, where Edgar Candelario, another friend of the 9OYS family, was eating breakfast.
"The fire alarm turned on, and we hear the restaurant manager saying 'Nobody has called me to let me know there's a fire.  What should we do?  Should we leave?'" he said.
Soon, they got their answer.
"You hear like five six gunshots," said Candelario.  "People went inside the kitchen.  People were being quiet on the floor."
Both Read and Candelario made it out unharmed, as did Andrew Penner, who landed at TIA later Fridayafter waiting for hours on high alert.
"There were police walking around with the whole machine gun thing and the dogs and everything," he said.
9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa asked, "So were you thinking I'm going to be stuck here for awhile?"
"That's what everybody was thinking, yeah," he said.
An update, Read and Candelario spent roughly eight hours locked inside that terminal.
Penner's flight, like many more, was delayed by about three hours.