The celebration continues: Nogales holds second parade for little league teams

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The celebration continues: Nogales holds second parade for little league teams

By Rikki Mitchell. CREATED Aug 16, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The City of Nogales sure knows how to make their champs feel like superstars with another parade Saturday to celebrate.

The parade began at 10 a.m. and included a full marching band, cheerleaders and even a police escort to lead the way as the Nogales Little Leaguers proudly waved to their adoring fans.

"This community is so close," said Rebecca Meyer, who came to support her brother. "It feels like a big family."

Even if they weren't on the winning Intermediate World Series team, these kids still felt like celebrities.

"It was like, cool and awesome and I really liked it," said Renne Aguirre, who participated in the parade as a folklorico dancer.

"It just felt great," said Alan Morgan, from Calabasas Middle School. "Once in a lifetime experience, you know?"

Even though it's been almost two weeks since the 50-70 Division Little League team took home that Intermediate World Series title, the memory of that win is still fresh in their minds.

"It's been a dream for all of us to get to the World Series and winning it is even bigger," said Alex Ramos, a player on the team. "It's just amazing."

They still can't believe how much support they've received from the community.

"None of us here in Nogales have had a World Series experience until this year," said Head Coach Jorge Guerrero. "Everything's just been overwhelming. Everybody's been great, everybody's been treating us great, it's just been a great, great feeling."

Rikki Mitchell

Rikki Mitchell

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