The "Pride" is left out of Arizona's bowl game

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The "Pride" is left out of Arizona's bowl game

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Dec 30, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The pride behind the University of Arizona football team, the marching band, is being left out of the affair this year. 

The Advocare V100 bowl game in Shreveport, La. is not PAC-12 affiliated nor close to Arizona, and band director Jay Rees said cost and travel played a huge factor in the decision. 

When the band and athletic department originally looked into flying the Pride of Arizona to the bowl game, Rees said flights alone could cost upwards of $300,000, not to mention the cost of hotel and food for 250 band members.

He said taking buses had its own challenges, like a 6-day round trip more than 1,100 miles away for a 2-day event. 

But even without the Pride of Arizona, Rees said that in an unusual twist you'll only see in the music world, Wildcat fans will still get to sing along and jump around to "Bear Down."

The Northwestern State University's marching band, a college in Louisiana, will play "Bear Down" and "All Hail Arizona," ditching their traditional purple for two days and doning cardinal red and blue. 

The UA is paying for the band's cost and time, which is a much cheaper price tag than if the "Pride" were to march to Louisiana. 

Rees said the band has not missed a bowl game since 1990 when the Wildcats played in the Aloha bowl in Hawaii. In that game, Syracuse shut out Arizona 28-0.