More blasts and gunshots rock Nairobi mall Monday morning

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More blasts and gunshots rock Nairobi mall Monday morning

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Sep 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 23, 2013

NAIROBI, Kenya (KGUN9-TV/AP) - Multiple large blasts have rocked Kenya's Westgate Mall where a hostage siege is in its third day.
Associated Press reporters on the scene Monday heard multiple blasts and a barrage of gunfire. Black and grey smoke rose up from the mall. The terrorists claim they strapped IEDs to the hostages, but Kenyan authorities say the smoke is from burning mattresses.
Authorities claim to have cleared much of the shopping center and rescued "most" of the hostages, but the terrorists show no signs of surrender.

The Somali militant group - Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility. But questions still swirl over the gunmen who stormed into that shopping mall.

The terror group released a list of alleged attackers via Twitter. The group claims several are from the United States including one from Tucson. At this point it's too early to know if those allegations are true. U.S. officials are investigating.

The tweets listed names and the cities they came from. Tucson, Minneapolis and Kansas City are a few U.S. cities on that list.

There's no real way to confirm the list of attackers until the seige ends. But Kenya's government says they have the upperhand. The terrorists are now believed to be in the malls' basement inside a supermarket, the same place where shots first rang out two days ago.

At least 175 poeple have been injured in the attack. Many have only just begun to recover as Kenya pledges to bring those responsible to justice.