Son killed in car crash, mother still seeking answers months later

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Son killed in car crash, mother still seeking answers months later

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's been nearly a year since the May 27, 2013 car crash at Golf links and Craycroft that ultimately killed Catherine Echeandia's 17-year-old son, Jeremy.

"He was such a goofball. He would do such goofy things and then laugh," Catherine said, smiling while remembering her son.

The teen was a passenger in a four-door sedan driving west on Golf links when the driver, a friend, made a lane change, over-corrected and lost control, slamming into a truck. The high school junior was taken off of life support and died three week after the accident on June 16. Months after her son's death, Catherine wants answers.

"It's the mothers worst nightmare. Seeing your child like that," Catherine continued.

To date, no citations have been issued. According to police, the driver's blood work was sent to the Arizona Department of Public Safety's State Crime Lab for a toxicology report.

"I actually was told it might take 6 months. OK, 6 months I can deal with that I think. Then it was 7, then 8 [and] then 9," Catherine said.

"Would you say that you're almost in a holding pattern right now because the investigation is on hold, 9OYS's Cory Marshall asked.

"Yes, it does. It puts you [at] a standstill. You always have that in the back of your head like there's still more info that you don't know about."

In a statement sent to 9OYS, a spokesperson for DPS wrote,"The Arizona DPS Crime Lab is very thorough. We wanted to do a complete analysis of the blood sample sent to us. That includes making positive identification of all chemical compounds. This takes time."

After over a month of correspondence between 9OYS and  DPS, a spokesperson confirms the toxicology results were sent last week to Tucson Police for further investigation.

Tucson Police Sgt. Chris Widmer tells 9OYS the investigation is ongoing.