Teacher accused of taping student to chair resigns

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Teacher accused of taping student to chair resigns

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Aug 29, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A little girl says she was tied down with tape by none other than a trusted teacher.

It's a story 9OYS brought you last week.
Now, that teacher is out of a job, and we know much more about what led to the now infamous piece of punishment.
Tucson Unified School District is still declining to comment on this incident...
Tucson police are investigating it as a possible assault.
Thursday 9OYS confirmed the teacher Ilse Lopez has resigned, after turning to tape to control a seven year-old girl.
For Mia Kramer, it is hard to understand.
"First one had to be like that," she said, demonstrating how the teacher wrapped tape around her stomach.  "Then attach it to the chair."
In this interview with 9OYS last week, Mia and her mother were baffled as to why a teacher would tie her down with tape.
"It felt like something is happening to me, but it's wrong," said Mia.
"She couldn't move, and that's not right," said her mother Maria Vasquez.
Now, it seems the confusion may be clearing.
In a TUSD case report obtained by 9OYS, Lopez claims Mia was "...beyond disruptive."
Students' statements back that up, saying their classmate regularly "...breaks her pencils and sharpens them..." adding she would "...yell, play around...".
Lopez sent Mia to the school's office. 
When she came back, there was no change, and that's when, according to these accounts, the teacher took action.
Lopez told Mia she was "...going on a ride", so she needed to "...put a belt on her..."
She asked the girl to raise her arms.
She taped her down.
They all say she had room to wiggle but Mia later told police the tape hurt her tummy.
The family wants an explanation from TUSD," said Kevin Moore, the family's attorney.
He says he is determined to get that explanation.
"There's an appropriate way and an inappropriate way to manage children in a classroom and unfortunately Ms. Lopez just selected an inappropriate method," he said.
Moore tells us he has reached out to the districts legal counsel on Tuesday.
He has not yet heard back.
Our attempts to contact Ilse Lopez were unsuccessful.
As for Mia, Moore says she has since begun attending a charter school.