TMC Recipe for going gluten free

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TMC Recipe for going gluten free

By Greg Gurule. CREATED Apr 7, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Weight Loss Gurus push "Gluten Free" as a was to slim down these day, but for many, gluten free is a way of staying healthy.  Tucson Medical Center has taken major steps make sure its gluten free patients get what they need.

TMC has been gluten free for some time now, and even has a special food preparation area set aside from the rest of the medical center's kitchen to prepare the food for people who suffer from Celiac Disease.  It's a condition that can give people digestive problems, migraines, depression and even nutrient deficiencies because they can't tolerate gluten. 

Specially trained chefs work in a separate area using not only gluten free foods, but also separate cooking and serving utensils and cleaning areas to avoid cross contamination.  Gluten is a grain protein that is found in practically everything from bread and cereal to yogurt and even some beauty products, like shampoo.