TEP's new online tool lets users snap photos of graffiti

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TEP's new online tool lets users snap photos of graffiti

By Rikki Mitchell. CREATED Nov 2, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Utility poles are prime targets for vandals, but now you can use your smartphone to help fight back.

Residents in the Midvale Park neighborhood get together every weekend to paint over graffiti, but they can't touch utility poles. Mainly because Tucson Electric Power says it's a safety issue.

But the company just set up a new online tool where you can snap a photo of the graffiti and send it in.

TEP says they have employees out every weekday responding to graffiti and the photos will especially help them in that effort.

Midvale park President Joe Miller says its important to use these tools and keep partnerships between the neighborhoods and the city.

"We all feel the same about [graffiti]," he said. "It's a blight and this blight invites all kinds of other troubles."

To use the new online tool, take a picture of graffiti on any TEP equipment and either email it to graffiti@tep.com or fill out an online form and attach the image.

Rikki Mitchell

Rikki Mitchell

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