Streetcar crews start electrical testing

Streetcar crews start electrical testing

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - With the final piece of rail welded and construction on Tucson's Modern Streetcar mostly wrapped up, crews are now in the testing phase.

This week crews worked overnight and into the early morning to check the rails and overhead cables along stretches of Fourth Ave.

"During its construction, it was difficult for a lot of these businesses because people could not access them," Zac Finger said. "But I'm excited about the streetcar. I want to go on it as soon as it's in place."

This electrical testing on different parts of the route will continue over the next couple of weeks, so be prepared for possible overnight traffic restrictions.

Streetcar officials are also issuing a caution to everyone in the downtown area. The power might not always be on, but from now on they want you to treat the cables like they're hot.      

While construction has been a pain for businesses, drivers and bikers, excitement is now building for the project's completion. Some say it will make the commute easier between the University of Arizona campus and downtown.     

"It eliminates the need for people to call cabs and it eliminates the need for a lot U of A students to find a way back to campus," former U of A student Brittany Thrasher said. 

The first streetcar is scheduled to arrive for testing later this month and the goal is the have the entire system up and running by Sept. 2014.