Street car testing continues, crews encounter glitch

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Street car testing continues, crews encounter glitch

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Sep 12, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After years of street car construction, project managers are in the testing phase, but not without mistrials.

Tuesday night, city officials say crews encountered a snag in the overhead electrical system.

The street car snag happened during testing at University and Fourth Avenue. Project managers say crews were doing a dead pull, which is when workers tow the car instead of using live wires, when the hit a breaker on the overhead electrical wire.

Co-manager Andrew Quigley says the minor malfunction will not derail plans.

" When you have these ground faults breakers in place they are there for a reason and we should have identified them ahead of time," Quigley told 9OYS.

"This is why we test. There is absolutely no delay in the street car at all from operating on the line," he continued.

Street car crews will be testing seven additional street cars over the next nine months. In fact, testing ramps back up next week.

They say Tucson's modern street car will be ready and running next summer, as planned.