Residents hoping to give local library a face lift

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Residents hoping to give local library a face lift

By Keaton Thomas. CREATED Aug 7, 2014

 TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A group of Sam Hughes residents think the area outside Himmel Park's public library branch looks a bit drab. Now, they are raising money to give it a face lift.

"I think we'd like to have the park be a more enjoyable space for library visitors and area residents," said Susan Peters, a committee member for the Himmel Park Beautification Project.

The library was built more than a half-century ago, and the park is even older. These Sam Hughes residents started by using money they raised from the biennial Sam Hughes home tour. Now, they are looking to raise more and make this project a reality.

"We see opportunity here," said Denice Blake, also with the project.

There are a few things they would like to see changed: add more benches with shaded seating to encourage people to read outside, add more bike racks so residents can continue a healthy lifestyle, and replace the grass with decomposed granite and desert-scape that would make it water efficient.

Library visitors say the think this is a good idea.

"Making it more family friendly as a gathering place outside can be really beautiful and beneficial," said Gary Olsen.

"It would make it look more beautiful, and it would attract more people to come," said Charlie Hermosillo.

The city says they are more than happy to let them work on this project. 

"Anything to make our city more beautiful is good to us," said Sierra Davenport from Tucson Parks and Recreation.

But for now, these residents have to raise their own money for the project.

"Our goal is to raise between 20 and 25,000 dollars," Peters said. 

They currently have raised about a quarter of that. Once they have that, they will work with the city and landscapers on a final plan. They will also work to make sure the area outside the library, blends in with the rest of the park which will remain as it is for now.

When its done, these residents hope their project will inspire other communities to do the same.

"It demonstrates that people in the community can make a difference in our world and in our neighborhoods," said Peters.

They hope this project is complete by next fall.

If you would like to help with the project or donate, here is a link to their website. You can also use donation envelopes available in the library. 


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