Purple police car in Nogales spreads awareness against domestic violence

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Purple police car in Nogales spreads awareness against domestic violence

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Feb 21, 2014

NOGALES, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - The Nogales Police Department has painted one of its cars purple in order to spread awareness against domestic violence.

"This police car will be used as a patrol car," Chief Derek Arnson said. "It will drive within the city and respond to calls."

With the slogan "Recognize it, Report it, Prevent it" painted all over the car, it is the department's newest tool to combat a problem Chief Arnson says tears apart families. 
"So the awareness campaign is simply to educate the public that when you see these things, if you're a neighbor, and you hear banging and shouting going on give us a call," Chief Arnson said.   
It was not a rise in reported incidents, but rather a domestic violence conference Chief Arnson attended in October that gave him the idea to paint over one of the standard black and white cars.
"How frequently do your officers respond to domestic violence calls?" 9 On Your Sid asked.
"Domestic violence, one call is too many," Chief Arnson said.
Nogales crime in 2013 - domestic violence included - dropped 15 percent from the previous year, Arnson told 9 On Your Side. 
The department used money confiscated from organized crime to give the patrol car its $1,700 purple paint job.
The puzzle pieces on the car represent how domestic violence breaks apart families. 

"The scars are always going to be there," Chief Arnson said. "So we're trying to do our best part to put everyone together, put the pieces back together."