Protesters rally against S.B. 1070 arrest two days before special city council session

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Protesters rally against S.B. 1070 arrest two days before special city council session

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Outside of the Pima County jail Monday afternoon, chants of "free Alberto" rang out during another protest against the Tucson Police Department's enforcement of S.B. 1070. 

This latest protest comes two days before the Tucson City Council will hold a special S.B. 1070 study session on Wednesday afternoon. 

Protesters say Tucson Police pulled over Alberto Garcia Friday morning because of a broken tail light. Monday night, he still sits in the county jail awaiting an immigration hearing. 
"Due to the holiday, they're not resolving anything today," one protester said into a loud speaker. 
In addition to releasing Garcia, the protesters want an end to what they call TPD's collaboration with Border Patrol and ICE.           
"The sadness and the trauma that we are seeing in our community right now is on a level that is very unbearable to sit down and watch," protester Stephanie Quintana told 9 On Your Side. 
City council member Steve Kozachick said he predicted the enforcement of S.B. 10-70 would make people afraid of police.
Victims of domestic violence and witnesses of crimes are not talking to police, fearing they'll have their or their parents' immigration status checked, city council member Karin Uhlich told 9 On Your Side.
"I don't want to see us demonizing our cops," Kozachik said.
Wednesday's special S.B. 1070 study session will address easing the tension between the community and cops, but Kozachick doesn't want to stop there.               
"The issue is the law itself," Kozachick said. "It is not TPD's implementation of it. They have to implement the law as its written. I want to challenge the law as its written on its face. I think its unconstitutional."
The special S.B. 1070 study session begins at 2:00 p.m.