Prop 403 creates discussion

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Prop 403 creates discussion

By Krystin Sorich. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Today is election day and Proposition 403 is creating a lot of discussion.

It would allow Vail to become an incorporated town of its own, essentially becoming more independent.

Though with that, comes important responsibilities.

Most notably, if Proposition 403 passes, the town of Vail would have to provide public safety, maintain public roads and provide a place for citizens to interact with the town government.
All of this would be paid for by Vail's share of state income tax, sales tax and gas tax.
The community currently receives none of this money because Vail is not an incorporated town.
That of course would change if proposition 403 passes.   
Based on the size and scope of Vail's incorporation, the town would receive about 3.2 million dollars annually to operate.
As a town, Vail would be eligible for additional sources of funding currently not available to the community.
These include federal matching programs, RTA funds and numerous other grant opportunities.
Incorporation is a very big step toward independence, but is this community and its people really ready to take that step?
We'll find out with the outcome of Proposition 403.