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Powerful storm flips over retired F-16, leaves 'widespread' mess at DMAFB

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Powerful storm flips over retired F-16, leaves 'widespread' mess at DMAFB

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Jul 14, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Monsoon damage at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is nothing new, but unlike storms in years past to hit isolated areas, Mother Nature left a widespread mess all across the base Sunday night. 

A day after the downpour, the planes returned to the skies. 

"Fortunately, the operational aircraft sustained negligible to no damage," said Lt. Col. John Tryon, who is in charge of the civil engineering squadron. 
The aircraft shelters on the flight lines weren't so lucky. Powerful winds punctured holes in the sun shades.
"Our weather shop said they measured 57, 60 mile an hour gusts," Lt. Col. Tryon said, "but we think it was probably more severe than that in some areas."
The gusts were so severe they snapped tree limbs, ripped off roofs and broke power poles. 
What is supposed to be the centerfield fence for a softball field is now a mangled mess. 
Still, the most eye-opening storm aftermath image comes from the Boneyard, where a 40-thousand pound F-16 flipped over on top of another retired jet.  

After base-wide blackout on Sunday night, by late afternoon Monday crews had restored power to all but one building.