Plastic bags banned in Bisbee

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Plastic bags banned in Bisbee

By Aaron Brackett. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

Bisbee, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - After months of debate, the town of Bisbee will pitch out the use of plastic shopping bags. Come next april, shoppers will have to plan ahead before heading out to restock the kitchen.

Tuesday night the city council voted to implement a ban on single use plastic shopping bags and once it's in place, retailers in the city will no longer provide bags, which proponents of the ordinance say, destroy the environment.

Shopper Janet Neil has lived in the area 10 years and says the problem is more about peoples' habits than the bags.

"I don't think a ban on plastic bags in Bisbee is going to solve the problem because people shop all over and they bring plastic bags from everywhere," said Neil. "Its not the plastic bags that are the problem, it's the people  who are the problem -- who are careless with their bags."

Jack Roberts has been using plastic bags for the last 35 years of his shopping trips in Bisbee and doesn't like the ban.

"I think its an inconvenience because a lot of people probably wouldn't think of bringing their own bags or boxes or whatever to put them in, so I think they should keep them."

While 9OYS found many people using plastic, one woman was toting reusable bags who said she likes recycling, but isn't crazy about how the ban was implemented without a vote.

The ban will affect all stores in the city limits and go into effect next April.