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Pima County removing invasive bullfrogs from KERP

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Pima County removing invasive bullfrogs from KERP

By Taylor Higgins . CREATED Aug 10, 2013

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - The Pima County Regional Flood Control District is removing invasive and predatory bullfrogs from the Kino Environmental Restoration Project in Tucson.
The multi-purpose environmental and storm-water harvesting project was constructed in 2001 by the flood control district and the Army Corps of Engineers.
Bullfrogs and other non-native aquatic species have become abundant at KERP during the past five years.
In that time, predatory bullfrogs have repeatedly dispersed downstream during storm flows to the Santa Cruz River, where they threaten biodiversity at the best remaining toad-breeding temporary ponds in urban Tucson.
Project officials say that without removal of the bullfrogs at KERP, central Tucson would lose native frog and toad species.
On wildlife refuges in Arizona, bullfrogs have nearly eliminated the Mexican garter snake and the threatened Chiricahua leopard frog.

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