Parking meters may hit Fourth Avenue strip

Parking meters may hit Fourth Avenue strip

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Aug 20, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's one of those problems drivers come across essentially everywhere and anywhere.

Finding parking is a problem on Fourth Avenue and the people at ParkWise, the City of Tucson's parking agency, think they have a solution.

Agency officials want to install some 400 meters along the popular Fourth Ave. strip.

According to ParkWise program administrator Donovan Durband, it's all about turnaround. Right now, he says, spots are taken up by college commuters, high school students and some Fourth Ave. employees, making it seemingly impossible for would-be customers to find parking. P

"We would love to see no parking meters here," executive director of Fourth Avenue Merchants Association, John Sedwick said.

Sedwick says FAMA is for the meters.

"The complaint I get more from customers is I drive around and around and around and I can not find a parking place. That customer is more irritated than the one that's going to pay a dollar," Sedwick continued.

Under the proposal, the meters will cost $1.00 for ever hour. As of now, the parking meters downtown cost 50 cents per hour. The downtown meters would also be bumped up to the dollar rate.

"For us to just come here and hang out for like 10 minutes, having to pay this, it's going to be very unnecessary," one Fourth Ave. shopper told 9OYS.

"In all major growing metropolitan areas, parking is something you pay for and it creates a revenue that the city desperately needs," shopper Paul Murrell added.

ParkWise representatives say the meters will bring in some $300,000 in revenue. They estimate installation to cost approximately $60,000.

City officials say the extra revenue could be used to build a parking garage nearby.

If given the O.K., meters would be installed no sooner than April 1.