Pamela Phillips Trial: "I'm down to my last $60,000"

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Pamela Phillips Trial: "I'm down to my last $60,000"

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Feb 25, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The prosecution has said Pamela Phillips was a money hungry ex wife, who murdered Gary Triano to collect two million in life insurance to support her lavish lifestyle.

Tuesday in court, the prosecution painted Phillips as an ex-wife, who was living beyond her means -- in desperate need of money and a new rich husband.

Phillips moved to a duplex in Aspen after her divorce with Triano and hired Kevin McDonald as a live-in caretaker for her two children.

McDonald testified that phillips struggled to get her astrology business "Star Babies" off the ground. Her mail-order company was not generating any income.

Her rent, at the time in 1995, was $2,500 a month. Her money -- dwindling fast.

"She expressed to me, 'Kevin I'm down to my last $60,000 dollars. What should I do?' I said, 'Get a job.'"

The defense said Phillips did get a job later - working for the Heinz Corporation as a real estate agent.

Her connections with the very wealthly ran deep. On the stand, Hugh Bancroft, whose family had own Dow Jones.

Phillips had been friends with Bancroft's wife, Joy.

The prosecution said that after Triano's death Phillips moved into a million dollar home and remodeled the interior.

Bancroft testified that he gave Phillips a personal loan of $60,000 -- not really knowing why she needed it. He also testified that Phillips told him she wanted to marry rich.  Phillips and Bancroft have no romantic connection.

McDonald also testified that Phillips said she looking to marry a rich man.