Pamela Phillips Trial Day 8: Prosecutors focus on notes, defense calls for mistrial

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Pamela Phillips Trial Day 8: Prosecutors focus on notes, defense calls for mistrial

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 4, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - During day eight of the Pamela Phillips trial, focus veered once again toward convicted hit-man, Ronald Young. A jury convicted Young in the 1996 killing of Tucson businessman Gary Triano.

Tuesday, prosecutors interviewed several people, including Martin Shook, Young's former go-to taxi cab driver in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Shook was with Young at the time of his 2005 arrest in Florida. Several witnesses were questioned regarding Young's multiple mail boxes. Evidence was also made that Young had at least two alias'; Kelly Young and Richard Perez.

Throughout the day-long testimony, prosecutors honed in on everything investigators found in Young's stolen rental van back in 1996, one month before Triano's death.

Among several expert witnesses, former Aspen Police Detective Jim Crowley took the stand. Crowley was part of the initial fraud investigation looking into Ronald Young. According to Crowley, Young drove a stolen rental van from Colorado to California. Once the van turned up, Crowley went through the van for evidence as part of the fraud investigation. In the van, Crowley found a map of Tucson, divorce paperwork for Phillips and Triano and a handwritten note, resembling a to-do list with several names on it, including one of Triano's relatives. Crowley also uncovered a card signed by Phillips reading, "Visions are coming into focus. Love, Pamela."

For the second time during the trial, the defense called for a mistrial, arguing the relevancy of particular evidence. Judge Richard Fields denied the motion.

Triano's daughter, Heather, is expected to take the stand, once again, for cross-examination on Wednesday when the trial resumes.