Pamela Phillips Trial Day 7: Testimony focuses on convicted hit-man, emails

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Pamela Phillips Trial Day 7: Testimony focuses on convicted hit-man, emails

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Feb 28, 2014

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) -Day 7 of the Pamela Phillips trial continued, Friday, turning toward computer forensic evidence and convicted hit-man, Ronald Young.

A jury convicted Young in the car bomb murder of Tucson businessman Gary Triano in 2010.

Testimony primarily surrounded a conversation Rombach had with Young in the late 70s-early 80's about on his boat. According to earlier statements made to police and referenced during witness testimony, Young asked Rombach about cannons he had on the boat, made out of pipe that Rombach used in several musical performances.

The prosecution referenced parts of the conversation where Young asked Rombach what would happen if he capped the pipe. Prosecutors eluding to possible research about pipe bombs and the pipe bomb that killed Triano. 

"The word accomplice was used, yes," Rombach told the prosecution. "You didn't want to be seen as one? " Prosecutor Rick Unklesbay asked. "That's correct," Rombach answered, "Is that why you withheld this information?" Unklesbay followed. "I didn't withhold that information [but] I didn't volunteer this information when the question wasn't asked and that was part of the reason for it," Rombach said after a long pause.
The defense narrowed in on Young's finances. Rombach testified that the last time he saw Young, Rombach paid for lunch because Young could not cover the cost, the move trying to show that if Phillips allegedly paid Young to kill her ex-husband, he would have had money.
A problem that came up during Friday's portion of the trial and foreseen since it's start, is that so much time has passed since the explosion and since police interviews were conducted, many of the witnesses questioned do not remember specific details and would state, "I do not recall." Council would often ask witnesses to refer back to their original documented statements to police.
Friday, Detective John Mawhinney also took the stand. Mawhinney is a Detective with the Pima County Sheriff's Department and one of two Computer Forensics Examiners and Cell Phone Examiners with the department. His testimony focused on computer forensics investigation.

Mawhinney did not get involved in the investigation until 2006, 10 years after Triano's death. Mawhinney uncovered emails between Young and Phillips as part of the investigation, which involved, he said, going through thousands of emails.

The trial resumes Tuesday.